Open for business!

Obviously our first bit of news is that we’re open for business!
It’s been a long haul (50 weeks) but we think you will find it’s been worth the effort.

The Team

All the Team are trained at the “Five Bells Academy” and strive to keep and promote our culture. Many of our team began as wash ups and have worked up through the ranks. We start people early, by giving vocational training to youngsters from local schools with the Trident work experience scheme. We also promote apprenticeships and have at least two in each of our pubs. We are keen to develop people and are always looking for the next new face (we welcome old faces too).

The Future

We wish to bring the Lion back to the community and earn its place on the high street, so therefore we value all comments good or bad. Please feel free to discuss them with Josie and her fantastic Team

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